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3park OÜ is a company that focuses on creating everything adventure park related and beyond. Our design is environmentally friendly. We focus on construction without harming the trees or using heavy machinery which enables better the preservation of the forests…

Firstly we specialize in building full scale adventure parks from the design to a complete park.
Right now we have built 4 full domestic parks – Nõmme, Valgeranna, Pirita and Zoo.

And also 2 bigger parks in Norway:
Helgoya –
Halden –

We also create smaller courses for kindergartens. For now we have consructed parks in more than 20 kindergartens in Estonia. The idea stays the same as in the higher courses but the elements are just built lower to the ground where safety equipment is not required.

Village centres are pretty much the same as kindergartens but a little bit higher from the ground. There is still no safety needed and they are suitable for all ages from children to adults.

Private projects – we have built smaller courses, ziplines, swings and other things for private clients. Everything has been done using our approach as we build the adventure parks without harming the trees.

We love new challenges and helping with innovative ideas, so if there is anything even besides adventure courses, then feel free to contact us 🙂
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