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Adventure park safety precautions include:

  • Construction of the trails according to strict safety standards
  • Experienced staff
  • Professional equipment
  • Lanyard and self belay system with two carabiners
  • Safety briefing and practice trail under the watchful eye of the instructor.

Pirita Adventure Park is built in compliance with European Union standards  AFNOR XP-902-1 and XP S52-902-2.

Trails are in compliance with EN 15567-1 standard and operation with EN 15567-2 standard.

Pirita Adventure Park is designed and approved by the French company ARAVIS AVENTURE SARL , who’s CEO Pierre Gay Perret is a certified mountain guide and has extensive experience in building parks around the world.

Aravis Aventure

Licensed to build adventure parks:

Reference: M7401 1170185
Siret nr.: 432 305 845 00013
APE code: 927c

Professional safety equipment is provided by PETZL and KONG.